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Evaluation of Data Science Methods of CAN Measurements
with IAV, 2016

The goal of this project is to analyse the control unit and CAN mesurements from automobiles using state-of-the art Data Science methods.

Solutions for High-Throughput Data
with Siemens AG, 2015 - 2018

The focus of the project is the development of algorithms and solutions to generate value out of heterogeneous data streams by means of data stream mining. Data streams with different characteristics are considered: sensor data streams, streams of complex heterogeneous data, ubiquitous data streams, and data from networks of sensors. Computational efficiency, error guarantees and scalability are a focus of this project.

Social Graph of Innovators
with Siemens AG, 2015

The project aims at building a software tool for an interactive “Social Graph of Innovators”, based on co-authorship in scientific publications and other relations (e.g. being at the same institute, having the same keywords in their publications, referencing each other, etc.).