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Data Science Lab

The digitalization of the world around us is an ongoing process, influencing all parts of our everyday life. Thus, the search for valuable information in growing amounts of data is undoubtedly one of the major challenges in the upcoming decades. To develop methods that cope with these rising demands requires knowledge, talent and expertise.



The Data Science Lab of the Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU) is an institution for research, development and education around the field of Data Science. It brings together the three groups of Industry, Data Science students and top researchers from the field. It is attached to the well-known database group of the LMU with a long-standing tradition of producing outstanding graduates and researchers in Data Science and Data Mining. The focus of the Lab is to bridge the gap from academia to industry and allow students and researchers to work on real-world Data Science challenges while giving their industry partners a substantial leap forward. Besides, the Data Science Lab offers a wide variety of activities that include trend flashes, summer schools, a lecture series from international luminaries, workshops, guest lectures from industry and many more. Thus, the top talents are linked to their potential future employers. A dedicated lab room gives the students the opportunity to work on the newest hard- and software products and at the same time offers an inspiring environment to discuss and elaborate new Data Science challenges. The Lab fosters strong ties to the new elite program "Master of Data Science" The Data Science Lab has been founded in 2015 in cooperation with the Siemens AG, however, it is open to all prospective partners from industry that share the same visions on Data Science.