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Data Science Lab opens its doors

The Lab is now open to all students working on Data Science or Data Mining Tasks.

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10-Year Best Paper Award

Matthias Renz and coauthors win prestigious award at DASFAA conference

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Data Science Seminar Presentations

Creative applications building uppon social media data developed

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Elite master program "Data Science" Website

The website of the elite program is now online

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Katharina Kann has won the SIGMORPHON 2016 shared task

Other participants from MIT, NZT and the University of Colorado where also competing for the sahred task from one of the leading conferences on computational morphology and phonology

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Grand Opening of the Data Science Lab on June 20

Prof. Dr. Bernd Huber (President of the LMU) and Prof. Dr. Siegfrid Russwurm (CTO of the Siemens AG) will give the keynotes.

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